2015-10-02 TNKR and JFNK break bread!

Catching up on Facebook posts, I had a wonderful time meeting up with Peter Jung, Hanbyeol Lee, Aaron Peterson, Eunkoo Lee, and (still not on Facebook) Dan Bliefield. It is good to get together sometimes to talk, brainstorm--but also, to follow up, as I'm sure we will! 

 I have long respected Justice for North Korea, as I recall, it was the first NGO in South Korea that I ever gave a donation to. Their mission is different from (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees, which means we have nothing to fight about! I hope we will be able to collaborate in the future.

 * * * 

To break bread http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=break+bread
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