Iraq & Darfur

Senator Brownback just mentioned that we must be realistic about the war in Iraq.

Professor Paul mentioned nothing that would lead to something that Duncan Hunter mentioned about Iraq: Victory!

Democrats have made it clear that they won't pull the troops out of Iraq...they want president Bush to do it so they can blame Republicans for the disaster that would follow...


DC Voting Rights & National ID cards

Tancredo told it like it is...if DC residents really want to have Congressional representation, then they have their areas become a part of Maryland or Virginia again...

Keyes also pointed that DC was created to be a separate area to represent the entire country...if you don't like it, move!

Immigration is the one issue Republicans lose me on. I'm often mistaken for being an open borders supporter--I guess it depends on one's definition...I support allowing anyone into the country who can pass basic health tests and a criminal background check.


I ain't never been to jail!!!!

The topic is now the Jena 6. I happened to be in New Orleans the same day that Sharpton and company were there protesting the Jena 6 case. I still haven't quite gotten the details of the case, and based on the informal poll that I took while I was there, black people who are outraged about the case don't know the details either.

I guess Sen. Brownback just identified with the black audience...he announced that he has been to jail.

I agree with the candidates who pointed to the drug war as a major problem for black Americans. Professor Paul said we must repeal the entire drug war! Excellent! Too bad he'll never be president!


Candidates who won't be president...

I don't even have to look at the polls to know that Ron Paul and Alan Keyes will never be president of the United States.

I'll be softer on Paul because he cited professor Walter E. Williams on the minimum wage law. Still, Paul is an example of an academic pretending to be a politician. He'll always be 2 or 3 points ahead of me in the national polls.

And I was going to point out that Keyes will never be president of the United States, but I enjoy when he is at the microphone! He may be the Republican version of Farrakhan and he probably won't get a vote from anyone in the audience tonight, but he can energize even an audience that thinks he is a damned fool.


Your legacy

Brownback just mentioned that he would make sure the African American history museum gets built on the mall.

As a reminder: Calvin Coolidge signed legislation creating a black history musem his last day in office. That was March 4, 1929. Malcolm X was almost 4 years old. Martin Luther King, Jr., was two months old. The museum still hasn't been built.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would suspect this museum is a rope-a-dope...

If the first person who thought of this idea of a black museum had put $50 in the bank every year after the idea was first proposed in 1915, in 1928 when the legislation passed Congress or in 1929 when Coolidge signed it, the interest in 78 years would have been enough to pay for the museum without a dime of government money.

I'm not opposed to the museum, by the way. But the reality is that the museum would be get built faster if it were a Jazz Museum. There won't be any of the drama about how much to highlight slavery or white guilt; it would highlight a great part of black history; and it would still give off the lovely fuzziness that a museum on African American history supposedly would.


Talking about talking

If any publicity is good publicity, then the Republicans not here at the Morgan State University debate are getting plenty of good pub...

Four didn't show up, and they are getting talked about!!! They've all but talked about their mommas making the mistake of having children who wouldn't show up to such a debate...

Ron Paul has pledged to attend every debate. He didn't say it that way, but he said he showed up because he was invited. Huckabee apologized and Brownback apologized that the other candidates weren't there...instead of regretting it, I would celebrate that I had more time to talk.


Who says that racism doesn't exist

I'm here blogging at Morgan State University. This time around it is the Republicans discussing black issues.

Talk show host Tom Joyner started off the night with a straw man: that some pretend that racism doesn't exist.

I hear plenty of people saying that racism doesn't exist, that some pretend racism doesn't exist. But the people who say that the most often are the people who say there are others saying that racism doesn't exist. Is there anyone serious who actually says that racism doesn't exist?

The issue isn't whether or not racism doesn't exist--rather, is it still an actual barrier to progress? If you're a student living in a lousy neighborhood attending a lousy school, then the issue of racism is just a rumor as you try to make it through this world...



You are Invited!

This Saturday, Sept 8. I'll be speaking to National Capital Area Skeptics about Memorandum 46.

The location is the Bethesda Library, from 2 to 4 p.m., 7400 Arlington Rd.

Here's the link to the FLYER.

More info HERE.