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2020-11-12 Nothing compares to TNKR I was delighted to host Eunhee Park at a speech last week to graduate students. Eunhee has spoken at the Asia Liberty Forum, the Oslo Freedom Forum, given a TEDx Talk, and also won local English speech contests. She is the kind of speaker who is ready to a thoughtful speech, to answer any questions, and to even ask questions of the audience. Some audiences aren't ready for a speaker like her ready to engage them! Many audiences just want to passively listen. I gave a speech to them about a month ago, then invited Eunhee to follow up. ***************************************************** Nothing compares to TNKR A few years ago, when high school students applied to volunteer with TNKR, I was like the old neighbor yelling, "You kids get out of my yard!" After experiencing enough high school kids expecting to get a volunteer certificate for volunteering for a few hours then never contacting us again, I wrote them off. We were trying to build an organi
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2020-10-31 Those wonderful moments...

That wonderful moment when your organization gets featured by a huge government office. In this case, South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am sure they did research about us or have been watching us for a while. *********************************************** That wonderful moment when a staffer in your office buys you a drink after she has run an errand. Sharon has been a student at TNKR since 2015 and a staffer with us since2018. She and TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee work together closely. *********************************************** That magic moment when donors pledge their support for TNKR. Some donors want to know that an organization is barely surviving and the donor will be the one to save the organization. But Haanong wants to support us and to know that we are growing and getting stronger. *********************************************** That wonderful moment when you go to an