NPR's News & Notes

I was on NPR's News and Notes earlier today. The audio archive is online.

From the latest on Roland Burris' pursuit of President-elect Obama's open Senate seat to a planned "neighborhood ball" for Inauguration Week, our panel of bloggers debate the week's

Joining Farai Chideya are Carmen Dixon of All About Race; Jay Anderson of Average Bro; and Casey Lartigue of The Casey Lartigue Show!


Moving back in...

I was going to move on from this blog but...

I'll be on NPR's News and Notes, part of the blogger segment. Ah, see, I do need this blog after all! It is tough to be part of a blogger segment when you don't have a blog.

I've learned that the show is not on in all markets so check your local listings. Worst of all, it isn't on in DC where I'm based.