The last few weeks

I am almost done with my trip to America. I arrived on April 9 and will be leaving on May 7.
 The highlights so far:

* Atlas Think Tank MBA in Virginia

It was 11 grueling days learning about strategic thinking, strategic planning, fundraising, personnel management, financial matters. The Atlas people were wonderful, it was a wonderful experience and I have connections with think tank leaders around the country. I successfully graduated from the program, thanks for asking.

* Atlas Experience in Colorado.

I was one of the featured speakers. It was a great opportunity because many of Atlas' funders and supporters were there. I received great feedback and was invited back to Colorado to lead a training session on grassroots organizing, building coalitions, and running campaigns.

* Heritage Resource Bank in Colorado

I got to meet many of the leading conservative intellectuals and activists. I was surprised by how many of them were familiar with me.

* Protest
I participated in a protest in front of the Chinese embassy in DC to protest the Chinese government sending North Korean refugees back to North Korea. Meaning, that I protested in front of the Chinese embassy in both Seoul and D.C. during the month of April.


* I also attended a huge conference about North Korea's gulags as well as a few other events about North Korea in DC and Virginia.

Rep. Sun Young Park (R) is the Korean Congresswoman who had a 12-day hunger strike to protest China sending NK refugees back to China. We met at a few protests in Seoul. Hannah Suh (L) attended a roundtable discussion in Seoul I hosted with NK refugee Lee Hyeon-Seo just before I left Seoul. Then we met a few days in later in DC.

Rep. Park invited me to join at a rally she was speaking at in front of the Chinese embassy in D.C. I also got to meet Suzanne Scholte at the conference and rally.