Interviewed by Focus

Here's an article in yesterday's issue of Focus about the Harvard Global Leadership camp that I helped organize.

Thanks for Serena for alerting me to the article and Erika for locating the link.


FAQ--July 31 Friedman event

I am organizing the one and only official Seoul celebration marking the 100th anniversary of Milton Friedman's birth. Here's the Facebook invitation page.

This is an unofficial FAQ that will be updated as other questions are asked:


Business casual.

Isn't that what people usually say? But what does business casual mean? According to Wikipedia. "Many people and organizations have offered definitions....The interpretation of business casual differs widely among organizations and is often a cause of confusion."

After reflecting upon this for years, I have a suggestion. Business casual should mean: Dress as your mother would approve.

So for the July 31 event, if you think your mother would approve, then dress that way. It would help if you could provide a hand-written note from her or another adult guardian in your life, along with a working phone number. If you show up to the July 31 event in a way that I think your mother would not approve, then I will give her a call to tell her that you attended dressed Business Clown instead of Business Casual.

Of course, I know the "dress as your mother would approve" standard doesn't apply to everyone everywhere. I just returned from Shanghai. Whereas many stores in America have signs reading, "No shoes, no shirt, no service," there were some small shops in Shanghai in which merchants were shirtless. No kidding. It is quite an experience buying a soft drink from a shirtless man who is not working at a beach. So the next time I give a speech in Shanghai, I may post a sign reading, "No shoes, no shirt...no problem!"