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What's special about TNKR?

So you wanna be a TNKR tutor! There are some things you should know to understand why you are about to have a special experience.

TNKR is learner-centered!

Students get to choose, we are their language helpers as they start or continue their journey into the world of English.

* TNKR's co-founders discuss the program in a special #hashtagimpact interview.

* Refugees choose their tutors at a Matching session. This TV clip from 2016 shows what the session is like (it is made for TV so it is 90% accurate).

* Our process has been praised by Thae Yong-ho, the former North Korean diplomat and who is now the first NK defector directly elected to South Korea's National Assembly. (Video, Script)

Why are North Korean refugees so eager to learn English?

* USA Today: North Korean defectors must overcome big challenge once free: Learn English 

* Casey Lartigue's 8 part series in the Korea Times: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) plus Male and Female refugees on English and Adjustment.

 * English-only for North Korean refugees (Korea Times

New programs help defectors from North Korea adjust, shed stigma (UPI)

* Trump-Kim summit: the English school giving North Korean defectors a voice is not holding its breath for peace (South China Morning Post)

Volunteers help bridge the language gap for defectors
(Koreana Magazine)

* Free English tutoring program helps N.K. defectors adapt (Yonhap feature)

Have questions about TNKR? Here's what media outlets have asked us.

* Some good questions asked of the TNKR co-founders during an interview on Arirang TV's "Heart to Heart."

* Unification Media interview about TNKR's history and approach.

* "On My Way to Meet You" with English subtitles (TNKR co-founders interviewed along with two TNKR students)

What are some ways to get involved with TNKR?

* TVN's 49 minute TV special about TNKR (because it is TV, that means it is about 90 percent accurate) 

* TNKR Member Jeff Villa on returning to TNKR 

* Some start as tutors, then later become staffers, team leaders.

* You can be a leader, tutor, speech coach, mentor, donor, fundraiser, or cheerleader! But Eben Appleton has already claimed the number #1 cheerleader spot.

* Most volunteers start as tutors. Apply here. After filling out the application, contact TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue, attend an orientation, then get invited to a Matching session. First preference is for those who also become Members (after all, there would be no TNKR without supporters).


Why do volunteers become Members?

* TNKR members get many benefits!

* They get to tutor fantastic and motivated North Korean refugees 1:1 who have come to TNKR.

* If they raise enough money, they can get free books signed by North Korean refugee authors.

* They avoid the "hidden costs" of volunteering and "free tutoring". Instead, TNKR can cover costs of tutoring sessions for both students and tutors.

* Here's when and why TNKR began asking volunteers for both "Time and a Dime."

* What's the easiest way to become a Member? Set up a fundraiser, donate to a project, or find other ways to donate, including directly through the TNKR Website.


And of course, the most special thing about TNKR?

The students!

Escaping from North Korea by Yeonmi Park (One Young World) and Yeon-mi Park: The hopes of North Korea’s ‘Black Market Generation’ (Washington Post) (Yeonmi was a student in TNKR during 2013-14 and TNKR's first Refugee Ambassador)

The Lives of North Korean Women (TEDx) by Eunhee Park (from A-B-C to T-E-D)

My Arduous Journey (TEDx) by Cherie Yang

Park Sisters Graduated from College! (Yeonmi) (Eunmi)

TNKR featured by KOTESOL

How do you stay up-to-date with TNKR's activities? You don't have to climb a mountain! Just click!

Here are TNKR's official SNS options.

TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue's SNS options.

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I often get questions about TNKR. We had a page but somehow I keep losing track of it on our main website, which isn't very Casey-friendly. I will start answering questions on this page, then when we get a Webmaster for the TNKR page, the person can upload this there.
Q: Do you provide a curriculum for tutoring/teaching or does the tutor plan out what the student needs?A: We have a fantastic curriculum designed by one of our tutors, but most refugees have their own learning goals and are able to follow that path (that's a key reason they want to join TNKR!). Refugees have a variety of English learning needs--and our tutors are ready to respond and work together with them. We call them "tutors," but "study partners" is actually more accurate. Tutors naturally feel the pressure to teach as much as possible, but we are trying to foster a culture of self-directed education so that hopefully after refugees have been with us for 3 to 6 months that they will be joi…