The name is Lartigue, son...

Oliver Willis, who blogged next to me at the Democrat Presidential Forum on PBS last Thursday night, gets a lot wrong in two sentences.

As Willis wrote:
"-- Casey Latrigue from CATO, who's right next to me, exemplifies the kind of silly thinking the right supports. Oh, the civil rights act passed we ought to pretend race is solved."

First, here is what Willis gets right:

a) I did sit next to him.
b) The right may enjoy things I say--that's why people use the term "strange bedfellows." That's also why some take the approach that there are no "permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests." I will point out to Willis that many on the right do have a problem with me when the topic is gay marriage, the drug war, or immigration.

What Willis definitely gets wrong:

1) "Latrigue." I won't give him (much) grief about misspelling my name, it is a bit difficult for people who don't hail from Louisiana. Plus, in the rush to blog during events it isn't surprising when people make spelling mistakes. But since he was sitting next to me he could have peeked at the name tag on the table as well as the media credential tag, my name was spelled correctly...

2) "from CATO"
I haven't been on the Cato Institute's payroll since early 2004. I guess I should give Oliver the benefit of the doubt--I suppose that I'll be "from Cato" the rest of my life, if not longer, just as I'm "from Harvard" or "from Fight For Children."

3) "CATO." Willis isn't the first to make that mistake. Many people who have no idea who Cato was (or "is" as some have asked) or base their opinions on second-hand sources often capitalize Cato as an acronym.

4) "Oh, the civil rights act passed we ought to pretend race is solved."

Not sure how one would really go about solving race...

Anyway, I blogged: "News flash, everyone: The Civil Rights Act passed more than 4 decades. It is time to get your own act together." Is there any other civil rights legislation that needs to be passed to help blacks advance? If anyone can show any Constitutional rights that have not been extended to blacks should let me know ASAP, I'd lead the fight to change that...



Supreme Court ruling on race

"What we want is the striking down of race . . . They give tests to grade children so what do we think is the solution? Simple. Put the dumb colored children in with the dumb white children, and put the smart colored children with the smart white children--that is no problem."
--Thurgood Marshall, during oral arguments before the Supreme Court*

*Mark Tushnet, "Change and Continuity in the Concept of Civil Rights: Thurgood Marshall and Affirmative Action," in Paul, Miller, and Paul, Reassessing Civil Rights, 151.

Presidential forum last night

My random posts below were comments from when I was live-blogging at the Democrat presidential candidate debate last night.

I'll have some more comments about it later today...

The post "Mock Epic" was actually written by my colleague Eliot Morgan--and I stole the line from him about getting your act together four decades after passage of the Civil Rights Act.


Kucinich with 15 seconds....

he can do it in less than that--"shut down the economy."

Hillary--shoot down planes!

not in Iraq or Detroit, but in Darfur...

Protectionism update

The question is now on outsourcing. It is always amazing how the various levels of government make it difficult to do business, then those same geniuses in government, respond, "whaddayamean they moved their headquarters to Thailand?"

But they can always fix that by "investing" with subsidies and tax breaks...



The response to Katrina is only a disappointment if you have expectations from government. Which would you trust to get to you faster after a catastrophe, All State or FEMA?


Criminal justice

Wickham notes that blacks are 29% of those arrested, whites 70% of those arrested, but that more blacks are inmates.

As long as Wickham isn't being more specific about the statistics, such as mentioning which types of crimes lead to blacks being more likely to be inmates, I'll do the same:

I know the point they focused on is that it is unfair that blacks are more likely to be in jail, but since most crimes are intraracial, wouldn't that mean that white victims are more likely to have their victimizers on the loose, and that black victims are more likely to have their victimizers put in jail for a longer period of time?


War on drugs

Gravel says something dramatic that I agree with--end the War on Drugs. It "creates criminals out of people who are not criminals." The audience isn't with him, however.

Unfortunately, based on my experience as a radio host, you can't just always talk sense on race issues--you must also add a conspiracy theory to it. Gravel would have gotten more applause if he had said that the War on Drugs is a conspiracy against blacks....


As usual, the politicians talk about the great things they'll do and talk about--but nothing about ways to increase the power of parents when it comes to education choices. If the great Plan A of each candidate falls through, what is Plan B for families? As usual, even the Democrats on the stage who have supported education choice in the past are afraid to mention it. I guess they still remember the way Lieberman got beat up back in 2000, and these candidates may still want to run as the VP...


Race, race, race

On the issue of race:
Clinton goes first, (surprisingly) without her Selma accent.
Biden doesn’t mention that there is a clean and article black person on the stage.
Richardson says the next president must talk about race…we need less talk about race, and more about individual action.
Edwards said something, apparently to help us transition to the only somewhat black candidate on the panel.
Obama has the home field advantage being at Howard, but doesn’t do much with the initial question.
Kucinich says that people are told to raise themselves up by their own bootstraps, but then they steal the boots. He gets the loudest cheers. This will be a long night if that continues...
Dodd—like the 64th team in the NCAA basketball pool, Dodd should be one and done. Brb, I’m checking on the NBA draft…


Mock Epic

These folks are so impressed with themselves. I hope the rhymes are kept to minimum. Deval Patrick deserves credit for saving the introduction though.

Race still the most intractable problem?

The first question—is race still the most intractable problem? News flash, everyone: The Civil Rights Act passed more than 4 decades. It is time to get your own act together.


This is a test.


PBS All-American Presidential Forum!

Tomorrow night I will be over at the All-American Presidential Forum on PBS, moderated by Tavis Smiley. The event will be held at Howard University and airs live at 9 PM ET.

I 've been credentialed through the Media Bloggers Association which is aggregating my blog along with 20 other bloggers on the MBA web site. I will be live blogging from the Media Center.

More later.


Paris Hilton released!

I suspect that some of the anger about the treatment of Paris Hilton is jealousy based on the way she flaunts her wealth.

In my case, I'm embarrassed that a rich white chick has more street cred than I than do now that she has served some time in the joint.



June 23 radio show on Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories

We were back on the air! XM 169 had some technical upgrades last week.

Here's the
clip of the June 23 show. My co-host Eliot Morgan and I focused on urban legends, conspiracy theories, and rumors. To be clear, when you consider history, there are some good reasons for blacks to be suspicious of the various levels of government (as all people should be suspicious of government). But does the reality of Scotsboro, Tuskegee, and COINTELPRO mean that we must also believe that:

Ø Church’s Chicken or Kentucky Fried Chicken have been injected with an ingredient to sterilize black men.
Ø Nike and Reebok use their profits to support the Klan?
Ø That rich clothing designers don’t want to sell clothing to black women because they believe that black women have big hips.
Ø The first U.S. president was black.
Ø Memorandum 46—the "confidential" memo allegedly written by Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor.

As I mentioned on the radio yesterday, I'm posting the time line that I've constructed related to Memorandum 46. Of course I'm more than willing to add dates and information to this:

DATE: 1978—March 17
Memorandum 46 distributed among top administration officials.
SOURCE: Linked on the Internet by typically leftist organizations.
NOTE: If this memo was so top secret, why was it given a Memorandum # that was in sequence with other Memoranda that they knew could be declassified?

DATE: 1980—September 12
ACTIVITY: “The first confirmed surfacing of this forgery was on September 12, 1980, when it was hand-delivered by an unknown individual to a radio station in Washington, DC.”
SOURCE: 1982 Congressional Hearings, page 111. H 431-1

DATE: 1980—September 16
ACTIVITY: A N.Y. journalist gave a copy of the forged memorandum to a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations.
SOURCE: 1982 Congressional Hearings, page 111. H 431-1

DATE: 1980—September 17
ACTIVITY: Jerry Funk sends a memo to Jody Powell and Al Friendly labeling the Memorandum as a forgery.
Jimmy Carter’s Website

DATE: 1980—September 18
ACTIVITY: Memorandum published in the Sun Reporter
SOURCE: 1982 Congressional Hearings, page 111. H 431-1
NOTES: My best guess is that the
Sun Reporter is a black newspaper in California. I called, but they had no recollection of the article and don't have in-house archives. I did a search through the Washington Afro-American from September-November 1980, but couldn't come across any articles mentioning Memorandum 46.

DATE: 1980-81
ACTIVITY: Appeared in Soviet publications, including Red Star and Moscow News as well as in a TASS item, and also in Zambia and Mozambican media. The memorandum was also circulated in South Africa.
SOURCE: 1982 Congressional Hearings, page 111. H 431-1

DATE: 1981, November
ACTIVITY: A leftist newspaper in the Netherlands, Volkskrant, published an article about Memorandum 46.
SOURCE: 1982 Congressional Hearings, page 111. H 431-1
NOTES: This was the last known public appearance of the Memo until the year 2000.

DATE: 1982, July 13, 14
ACTIVITY: Soviet Active Measures: Hearings before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House of Representatives, Ninety-Seventh Congress, Second Session.
Hearings were declassified in 1983.
NOTES: The CIA reported on suspected forgeries—more than 100 pages of suspected forgeries were submitted by John McMahon, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

§ Forgery of “U.S. war plans”
§ Forgery of Chou En-Lai testament
§ Forgery of Islamabad
§ Use of map of Austria in disinformation
§ Use of map of Afghanistan in disinformation
§ Forgery of President Reagan’s letter to the King of Spain
§ Forgery of NATO letter
§ Forgery of cablegrams
§ Forgery of Presidential Review Memorandum
§ Forgery of State Department letter
§ Forgery of Haig-Luns letter
§ Use of map of Cuba in disinformation
§ Forgery of Commerce Department document
§ Forgery of U.S. business form letter
§ Forgery of Department of Defense news release

DATE: 1992, September 17
ACTIVITY: Jimmy Carter Library Processing Note
These documents were taken from Staff-Offices, Special Assistant to the President, Louis Martin’s file, box 66, folder Miscellaneous [1]. This is not PRM-46
Jimmy Carter’s Website

DATE: 2000, November 7
Graves v. Cohen, 99-4476; Affirmed; N.D. Ohio
SOURCE: 238 F. 3d 421
NOTE: This was a lawsuit filed trying to prove that AIDS was created in a laboratory by the U.S. government.
Note: The case was dismissed as “delusional and fantastic.”

DATE: 2001, June 4
ACTIVITY: Graves v. Rumsfeld, 00-9587 C.A. 6th Cir
SOURCE: 532 US 1072
NOTES: The Supreme Court in no way “certified” this document. The court refused to hear the case.

DATE: 2001, September 2
ACTIVITY: Rep. Cynthia McKinney
presents a copy of Memorandum 46 to Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. McKinney also mentioned Memorandum 46 in speeches.
SOURCE: Internet links embedded directly above
NOTES: I have no doubt that government officials engage in conspiracies. As I mentioned above, because of things that the government has done, people are willing to believe any and everything.

DATE: 2005
ACTIVITY: Talk-show host Joe Madison presented Memorandum 46 at the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual gathering.
Dr. Sharon T. Freeman said that she wanted to include Memorandum 46 in a book she was writing.
Congressional Black Caucus Website



June 9 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show!

* Professor Walter E. Williams returns this weekend to the Casey Lartigue Show on XM 169 The Power. We'll be talking about his recent columns.

During last week's show we had a caller who asked about a column Professor Williams wrote about blacks benefiting from slavery. That column has been attacked numerous times by hosts and callers on XM 169. So it will be interesting to hear what Professor Williams has to say.

* Following up on last week's discussion, we will present more information to debunk Memorandum 46. That's the memorandum that was allegedly written by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's former national security advisor. It is widely circulated in black leftist circles. On last week's show I read an e-mail that Brzezinski sent to me denouncing the memo as a forgery.

* We'll be looking at other news from the week. If I had to go on the air within the next few minutes, then we would talk about Gary Sheffield's comments that Major League Baseball prefers Latino players because they are easier to control. And we'd also also talk about interracial marriage to mark the 40th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia case.