Black talk radio

A few years ago a caller to a black talk show station complained that there wasn't enough "serious" talk on black talk radio. I disagree in one way: there are plenty of attempts at serious talk on black radio but it ends up being comical. But I digress.
The host listened to the caller, then went on a tirade.

His station had switched from all music to all talk...and the station's ratings still haven't recovered. They lost half of their audience overnight. He didn't believe that black people really wanted serious talk.

I've heard from a number of black commentators that there is too much "booty-shaking" on BET and other black media outlets. They just want serious conversation.

Much like that skeptical host, I wonder. Nothing against black people--I suspect that most people aren't that concerned with politics.

Someone who isn't skeptical is brotherman Cedric Muhammad. He has launched a new talk show. "The Cedric Muhammad And Black Coffee Program."