My favorite team

I'm a sports fan who doesn't care which team wins or loses. When a game is over my regret is not that a particular team didn't win. Rather, I'm sorry that the game is over. After a team wins the Super Bowl or championship I regret that the season is over.

Some people don't believe me when I say this but I mean it. I have been watching football and basketball for so long that I now just enjoy the sport for what they are. I don't remember who won last year's Super Bowl, or any of them since about 1989.

That has now changed! My favorite team? The Philadelphia Eagles! I've always been a Donavan McNabb fan. And now, they have signed Michael Vick off the Ex-Convict list.

Vick is one of the few players I enjoy watching play. I have followed his career since he was in high school. I had just arrived in Virginia when there were news reports about him and a high school superstud, Ronald Curry.

Vick is the only player I would go out of my way to watch whenever his team was playing. After he got caught in the dog-fighting ring I hoped he would be able to get out on weekend furlough and still play football. After all, if a murderer like Willie Horton could get out of jail on weekend furloughs, why not Michael Vick, who would only be a menace to dogs? Clearly, those dogs would be in more danger around me than Vick.

The Eagles were the team willing to step up and take the public relations hit for signing Vick. So they've got my support as long as he is playing for them.
I'm not surprised that one of the 26 teams that said they weren't interested in Vick signed him. There was no reason for a team to admit they wanted Vick before they signed him. The Eagles have the excuse that another quarterback got injured. So many quarterbacks get injured during the year, of course Vick was just a knee injury or bad day by a backup from getting signed. Some reporters may congratulate themselves for calling every team to find out if they were interested in signing Vick, but clearly they were just going through the motions.