News & Notes on NPR

Earlier today I joined La Shawn Barber and Earl Dunovant along with host Farai Chideya for a weekly segment with bloggers. The audio of the roundtable is here.

The serious topic: The Fairness Doctrine. I had much more to say than I actually said, but I guess that is always true with live radio and TV. I didn't realize that we would only have one shot at each issue. Next time I will filibuster when my name is called...

The not-so-serious topics:

* A really bad public service annoucement running on Black Entertainment Television. When I was waiting my chance I thought to say it looked like a video put out by the Klan but forgot to say it. Did I really say that, based on the video, it looks like black women hide books in their g-strings? I could be one-and-done on the show...

* Videos released by supporters of the presidential candidates: Obama Girl and Hot for Hill.

Some random thoughts:

* Wow, the NPR studio really looks good. My $2.47 in taxes or whatever it is my share of tax money that goes to NPR has really helped out! There is no comparison between the equipment at NPR and XM Radio.

* I had thought about interacting more with the other guests but just tried to content myself with asking the questions. 15 minutes, 3 guests, 1 host--that's not a lot of time for cross-talk.

* It was really easy--after hosting a weekly two-hour radio show for almost three months these short segments are really easy...