Cell phones don't kill people. People do.

The shocking story out of South Korea that an exploding cell phone had killed a man has turned out to be fake. Instead, it turns out that the man was killed by a co-worker.

Here's the Reuters report, less than 1 mb at Rapidshare.com.

The killer must have read a BBC report about a cell phone killing a Chinese welder.

What I love is the expert analysis provided by the Dr. Kim Hoon. According to various media outlets:

Kim Hoon, a doctor who examined the body, said the death was probably caused by an explosion of the battery.

"He sustained an injury that is similar to a burn in the left chest and his ribs and spine were broken," Yonhap news agency quoted Kim as saying.

I'd say that Dr. Kim should never again be allowed to provide expert testimony.

I suspect that Dr. Kim is one of the Korean doctors who says that "fan death" is real and that South Koreans die from playing video games.

Of course, those who enjoy urban legends may not be convinced by the co-workers confession and anyone looking to "connect the dots" might point out that I'm a former LG employee.