Illegal Immigration at Heartland Presidential Forum

Faye Anderson, another TV One blogger for coverage of the network's coverage of the Democrat Presidential Debate, writes that illegal immigration is sure to be one of the issues to come up during tomorrow's talk-fest.

Admittedly, I don't pay much attention to debates or politicians unless I'm covering them for an event. Meaning, this is now the third time this year that I've paid attention to the debates.

As people often point out to me, I'm almost always in the minority when the issue is illegal immigration.

1) I oppose punishing private employers for hiring illegals.
2) I support taking laws against such hiring practices off the books.
3) I don't oppose laws preventing the various levels of governments from hiring illegals.
4) If the various levels of government are serious about punishing illegals, then they should prevent them from receiving government services or benefits.
5) It isn't the government's job to protect you against competition for jobs, products, spouses, etc.
6) There is no right to have a community of a certain demographic makeup. If you want your neighborhood or community to stay predominately black or predominately white, then buy up the property around you. Perhaps you need racial covenants on the houses near your home?
7) Of course, there need to be safety and health checks. To steal a line I heard from a friend: You're welcome, but don't forget to sign the guest book.

We can't count on closing the border as a way to keep competition out. There was a time that people said, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." But now, we must consider, "Rome has come to you." Wherever you are, people are trying to sell stuff to you, buy stuff from you if you have something worth selling, trying to hire you if you have skills they want, or competing with you.

If you're going to run a race, you can't train based on potential competitors being kept away from the starting or finishing line. We can't be sure what wave of people or technology is coming along, and should stop acting as if we have people in government smart enough to figure out which people should be let into the country.