According to various news reports...

Eliot Spitzer

--1590 SAT score
--Princeton University graduate
--Perfect score on the LSAT
--Harvard Law School graduate
--Editor of the Harvard Law Review
--married to a Harvard Law School graduate
--former Attorney General of New York
--(still) Governor of New York
--Most well-known moralizing and hypocritical John of 2008

But I hope he doesn't resign.

* It is good to have known hypocrites in office. It is hard to see a known hypocrite as a political savior.
* He engaged in a victimless crime. As delicious as it would be to have governor Spitzer get the treatment that attorney general Spitzer gave to people, this shouldn't be national news and he shouldn't be under pressure to resign.
* This is probably bad news for the Clintons. People tired of the "old politics" and scandals of the Clintons will get a good reminder of what they are trying to get away from.