Destroying some cities to save them...

"It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it."
An American major after the destruction of the Vietnamese Village Ben Tre

* * *

I heard on Rush Limbaugh that there is chatter about bulldozing Flint, Michigan. The talk was started by a UK Telegraph piece.

If some lousy cities are going to be bulldozed then I would like to add all or parts of Newark, Baltimore, D.C., and Detroit to the list...

If the areas don't officially get leveled then you can probably get some great real estate deals:

"According to the Michigan Association of Realtors and Detroit Board of Realtors (data here), the average sales price of a Detroit home fell to $11,533 in March (Year-to-Date), a -43.8% decline from the $20,514 average home price during the same period last year (see chart below)."

I guess it shouldn't be surprising that there aren't any major chain stores operating there, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is also noted in the article: "The city's 22.8% unemployment rate is among the highest in the U.S.; 30% of residents are on food stamps."

In unrelated news, "U.S. Senate passes apology for slavery." According to another article: "Congressman John Conyers, D-Mich., a longtime reparations advocate, will be among dozens of proponents who will address the issue [of reparations for slavery at a gathering in Texas this weekend]."