Living (and dying) in America!

Living in America!

Michael Kinsley says it is time to scrap the Star-Spangled Banner. I'm on board with this. Doesn't sound bad, great historical references and all that, but it is even tough to lip-synch it...

Kinsley makes a couple of tepid recommendations. My choice?

Living in America by James Brown!

Can you get more American than James Brown? Drugs. Women. Jail time. Illegitimate children. Car chases. Mixed race. More women. Battle over his estate.

Not only should the song be the National Anthem, but the video should also be the National Video...

Whistling Past the Graveyard

Last night I picked up the June 6-12, 2009 issue of the Washington Afro-American. A page one article in the paper as well as an opinion piece by George Curry document the recent case of the white woman who claimed she was kidnapped by two black men.

As I recently asked: Why in the world would anyone believe that such a thing could happen? Why didn't she blame Native American Indians?

Looking through the news section, that's the only "crime" story in the news section.

Thankfully, the Washington Post is always on the case to report about crime! There's a story, B4, with the headline, "Despite More Policing, Another Man is Slain."

In this case, the man was shot and killed "just steps away" from a new post where an officer is stationed. There's also a security camera nearby.

Jean Bland, a resident who lives nearby and has "several old bullet holes" in her home from people shooting, says the obvious: "Something has to be done."

Something is right! I'd suggest we spend more time tracking down more white women who make up stories about black men...

* * *

Will he hear this by 2029?

Sherrilyn A. Ifill ties the recent shooting at the Holocaust museum to right-wingers. When I have trouble quickly distinguishing between Jew-hating leftists and Jew-hating rightists then I check with Ifill.

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post joins in today with the type of hackneyed thinking he should be remembered (then, quickly forgotten) one day.

In unrelated news, noted Republican Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. says "Them Jews" won't allow Pres. Obama to meet with him.

Pres. Obama sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years without hearing the things he said...perhaps he'll catch up with this story by 2029...

* * *

Eugene Robinson is still a clown

When he first replaced William Raspberry a few years I tried to read his writing. I had read Raspberry's columns on a regular basis for about 15 years. While I often disagreed with Raspberry's conclusions when he reached them, I could appreciate that he seemed to be thinking out loud and didn't mind changing his mind or admitting he had been wrong.

But Raspberry being followed by Robinson is like going from Martin Luther King Jr to Al Sharpton. Whereas Raspberry was thoughtful, Robinson is a hack. There were some days that Raspberry couldn't decide which shoes to put on; Robinson prefers clown shoes.

* * *

How much more Magical could he be in person?

According to Ray Friedman of Vanderbilt University, the scores of black students increased after Obama's nomination and election victory.

If true, then just think what the Obama effect would have been if he had given the commencement address at a black college or university?

According to DeWayne Wickham, the White House refuses to answer his question: "I wanted to know how many black higher education institutions have asked Barack Obama to be their commencement speaker this spring."

linked by Booker Rising and I stole the great graphic from her...