1) I do like the idea of punishing governments for their actions, but the problem with this example is that the people who were in charge of the government when slavery was legal aren't around to be punished. Hanging would be too good for them.

2) There are a few children of slaves alive, but there really are some more pressing issues today that could actually help people.

3) Blacks would be more likely to get reparations if advocates said that they wanted reparations in exchange for ending affirmative action.

4) People deserve punishment for slavery, let's round them up.

5) If my 38+ million black brothers and sisters ever get reparations, I'm buying Nike stock.

6) If a reparations check comes to me, I'm cashing it. I cash any and all checks made out to me.

7) Instead of reparations, I'd prefer to live tax-free for 20 years.

8) Instead of reparations, I'd prefer to be able to opt-out of the government's Social Security program and put my retirement savings in a private account.

9) Education, not reparations, is my focus. Focusing on education as well as reparations sounds nice, but being successful at getting people educated is tough enough already...

10) If I'm paying for slavery, then I want some slaves.