Advice one week too late for me

* Among my many writing accomplishments: I was a contributing author to one of the Lonely Planet books. I honestly don't recall what I wrote to attract their attention but I do remember getting a free copy in the mail and seeing my name among the contributing authors.

* I would seriously recommend that one of the travel book authors print in full the text of what Michael Hurt published in the Korea Herald yesterday. I've been only been here a week but I can already see the wisdom in what he has written. If you know anyone planning to come to Korea then send them that link. Of course, they probably won't take it seriously until they get here...

* But then, the authors of those travel books might not want to publish what Hurt has written because in just one full-page he has summarized what the authors say in three or four chapters.

* In the other direction, I've noticed that many of my Korean friends would overpack when moving to America. They'd bring all kinds of stuff they could easily purchase in America, all the way to a Korean friend who mailed a TV to herself. Hurt's sequel should be a guide for Koreans going to America.

* I brought four bags with me last week. Not enough dress shirts. Really, what was I thinkin'? One suitcase was full of books--my carry-on to keep the other bags from exceeding weight restrictions. Still, there are many other books I left behind or gave to Goodwill before leaving...