It also has the fastest delivery men...

The Korea Herald bills itself as the nation's number one English-language newspaper. According to my count, there are two English-language newspapers in Korea. The Korea Times has no such claim in its paper so I suppose that it has conceded that particular point. Instead, it claims that it is First in the Nation. First at what?

I've also heard that the Seoul Times is published in English, but I've only seen it online, not at any newsstands.

The Herald and Times use most of the same wire services. They occasionally focus on different stories they almost always write about the same day.

The main differences between the two papers:

1) The Herald is printed on colored paper, the Times on regular white paper.

2) The Herald editorial pages is mostly wire and syndicated columns, the Times uses more local columnists and freelancers in addition to the wire and syndicated stuff.

3) The Herald has a special "climate change" page. That may explain the type of recycled paper they use. I guess they won't go paperless because they are proud of being the number one English paper in Korea.

4) The Herald is 1000 won, the Times 700 won.

5) I called both last Friday to request subscriptions. The Korea Herald showed up in my mailbox this morning for the first time. No sign of the Korea Times yet. The Korea Times may be "First in the Nation," but it wasn't first to my door.