How long until they get arrested? Not long enough!!!

As I recently noted, some executives were arrested for putting industrial ethanol in food they sold. I noted: "Of course, it seems that NO ONE checks on the stuff sold on the streets of Seoul..."

I haven't been this wrong since 1982!

What will happen to these folks?

The Korea Times reports: 24 Percent of Ice Cream Contaminated With Germs
About a quarter of ice cream and ice at restaurants and drink shops in Seoul is
contaminated with high levels of bacteria that can cause food poisoning,
according to Seoul City, Monday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG)
inspected 74 ice cream shops, fast food franchises, coffee houses and bakeries.
Among the shops selling ice cream and ice, 18 shops sold products that contained
more than the permitted levels of bacteria such as colon bacillus and
staphylococcus aureus that can cause food poisoning.
I love 팥빙수 (patbingsu) so I would support the death penalty for anyone selling contaminated stuff in it.

The city government also inspected ``patbingsu,'' or shaved ice topped with fruits and red beans, at 24 bakeries and fast food chains. Among those, nine were found to be using bacteria-contaminated shaved ice. In these cases, SMG applied the same standards as for ice cream as it does not have separate standards for shaved ice.

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