Job titles, birthday party

My colleagues are debating what title to give me. I've been wearing out the Korean-Language dictionary on my cell to find all kinds of wonderful, lofty titles.

One suggestion from someone with the power to make it happen: 연구소 소장. That is probably pronounced youn gu so so jang (meaning: Head of the Research Institute).

My pay won't change as a result of the title so I won't worry about it.

Also, I'm sure by the time everyone has given an opinion that I'll be downgraded to a lower position anyway once it is time to make the business cards...

* * *

The assistant director's birthday is today. We'll probably all go out to eat, drink, and then sing.

I was starting to get disappointed in Korea. I've been here for more than a week now and I've only gone out to sing once. That's even though I've already met with several groups of people.

I had assumed that I would spend so much in the karaoke places that I should buy karaoke stocks.

I won't be posting any video of myself singing, by the way, thanks for asking in advance, and will delete any such links that are posted here...

The Korean (and Japanese) style of Karaoke is a little different from America. Instead of singing on stage or in a bar surrounded by a bunch of drunken strangers, you sing in a small room with your drunken friends. The Korean word is 노래방 (noraebang).

* * *

By the way, I learned a long time ago not to take out Korean friends on my birthday. I fell for the trick years ago. In Korea, it is customary for the person who is celebrating a birthday to treat friends. That's right...your birthday, you pay. I learned the fact when I was out with friends many moons ago...

I wasn't particularly happy about it at the time when the bill came and they tried to convince me that I really had to pay it. I could understand their glee during the night as they ordered drinks, knowing they wouldn't have to pay. Some of them were trusted friends so I believed them...

Some later tried to slip me some cash but I refused, keeping my pride and not having any other money to spend for a few weeks...