Ready to take on the NBA

Some former NBA stars are coming to South Korea. In another decade or two their skills should have deteriorated to the point that I could actually compete with them. They'll be playing on my birthday, Sept 5, so that will give me an excuse not to get out and play with them. I don't care how good Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was back in the day, he is now 62 years old. I think I'm ready to take him on now.

There is one way I could get on the court against any NBA player, whether current or retired. I would just need to be able to change one or two rules.

Rule number 1: I could never be called for a foul.

Rule number 2: The opposing players all must wear high heels.

If the game is still competitive then I would require the opposing players to wear boxing gloves.

In other words, this shit ain't perfect

The Korea Times has a hit piece on TBS eFM, the all-English radio station based in Seoul. To prove their case they talk with two people--a native Korean and a Canadian. Based on such a sample I could prove that no one ever listens to Rush Limbaugh.

* The easiest story for a reporter to write is that something is "overrated" or has fallen short of expectations.

* Has the Korea Times reached expectations?

* I did notice that the Korean national interviewed in the story said he keeps up with the news by reading several publications, including the Korea Times (but not the Korea Herald).

* The reporter commits a cardinal sin of reporting: relying on just one or two sources for extended commentary.

Slow Lane to Free Trade

I mentioned that I had lunch with my buddy Kim Chung-ho a few weeks ago. Today he has an opinion piece in today's Korea Times. In case you can't read the piece, rest assured that he is very much in favor of more free trade.


I really don't know why people pay attention to what celebrities, actors, and athletes have to say. One thing I hate is when I go to a concert and a musician decides to start talking about politics. If they put their thoughts to some good sounding music, fine. But I don't care what you think.

The latest Please Shut Up and sing/act/play request comes via a Korean actress named Kim Min-seon. She just got sued for her comments last year about U.S. beef.

As the Korea Herald reminds us:
In last May Kim, amid nationwide protests over the government's decision to
import U.S. beef, wrote on her mini-homepage that she would "rather eat
potassium cyanide" than see the imports of U.S. beef with bones tainted with mad
cow disease in Korea.
* I do wonder about the intelligence of people who would have stopped buying U.S. meat because of what an actress said.

* I do hope the company successfully sues the skirt off her...

* I suppose she convinced Koreans to buy Australian beef?

* This is nothing against the Korean actress. My favorite singer is Prince. I really don't care what he thinks about politics or American beef.