I agree with B. Obama and Rush L.

Back in DC

Last week I gave four speeches at universities in North Carolina. My main topic was the relationship between minorities and the government. By the third time I had given the speech I was already ready for the Q&A as soon as I stood up to start talking.

Barack Obama

I agree with Obama's administration moving to allow people to smoke weed in states where it is allowed for medical purposes.

I also agree with Obama's ongoing effort to control compensation for company executives whose companies receive government bailouts. That'll learn 'em.

Rush Limbaugh

Those NFL players grumbling about Rush Limbaugh possibly being a part-owner of the St. Louis Rams might have felt differently if he had stated he was in favor of abolishing the salary cap.

Organ donations: A world-wide catastrophe

Economist Gary S. Becker writes in favor of allowing vital organs to be sold. I agree with him. He concludes: "My conclusion is that markets in organs are the best available way to enable persons with defective organs to get transplants much more quickly than under the present system."

It isn't just in America where altruism is failing to produce enough organ donations. According to the Korea Times: "Less than one out of 10 South Koreans donate their organs while more than 18,000 patients are waiting for transplants."