Random photos from today

I went walking around today. Whereas some people like to go walking in the mountains, I enjoy walking around in the city. Well, not D.C. or other cities with many homeless, crazy and/or armed people walking around...

* * *

Here's where I had lunch today. About $1.90 for a hamburger hamberger.

* * *

Ha-ha! Bet you never would have guessed that Batman is a drinking place in Korea!

* * *

Man Clinic? The Koreans walking by seemed to be very curious about why I was taking a photo of a "Man Clinic." They may know something I don't know...Actually, I wasn't curious enough to go in and find out what it was...

* * *

Right down the street from the Man Clinic...there's a Love Shop! I love the euphemism. "Love Shop" sounds much better than Sex Shop. I'm guessing that if you don't go to the "Love Shop" to buy condoms that you may need to visit the Man Clinic a short time later?

* * *

Nobody in South Korea has guns. Apparently that's because they are all at this gun shop I passed by today.

Updated: Gun statistics in Korea, April 22, 2013, Korea Herald

* Around 187,000 firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns were legally held by civilians.
* In 2011, 416 crimes involving guns occurred in Korea.
* 141 illegal firearms were seized in 2012.

4 shooting incidents in Korea in the last month--an average afternoon in Chicago.

* A 42 year old man shot a 38 year old man who had been having an affair with his wife. He had held the weapon for years to fend off wild animals--turned out that the wild animal was on 2, not 4, legs.

Three of the incidents involved unauthorized guns.

According to the article: "In Korea, gun possession is prohibited except for soldiers, police officers, hunters and other specially licensed people. However, civilians can hold air guns with a caliber of 0.20 (50 mm) or smaller."