Walter E. Williams on Rush Limbaugh

Professor Walter E. Williams will be hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show 8/24/10 from noon-3 p.m. EST. Thomas Sowell will be his featured guest the second hour.

In case you can't hear the show or can't wait, you can listen to me interview him back in 2007 (hit the free user button, wait for countdown, then download). We discussed reparations for slavery during one show and the minimum wage on another.

By the way, I was really thankful that he agreed to be on my show twice during the three months I was on the air. I interviewed him another time when I was a guest host and he interviewed me on the Rush Limbaugh about a paper I wrote about education in Washington, D.C.

When I contacted him and told him that I was going to have my own show and that I would be delighted if he would come on from time to time, he hesitated at first. I waited. He then said it would be okay. I know he won't do anything if it is inconvenient for himself, so I asked if there was a conflict. He said he had to be sure it would fit in his schedule because on Saturday mornings he was taking Mrs. Williams to the hospital for treatment.

She died later that year, around Christmas. I only met her once, at a retirement party for Professor Williams. He was infamous for cracking jokes about buying her insensitive gifts--such as a smaller shovel so she would not hurt her back while she was out shoveling the snow. It was hilarious stuff.

So when I met her, I asked about the things he would say on the radio. She started laughing, saying I should not believe those things he said about her, that he was a sweet guy who treated her like a princess.