Cafe Hayek

At my Facebook page, a friend thanked me for directing him to CafeHayek. Well, speak of the devil, CafeHayek and its cohost Don Boudreaux are even featured in a syndicated column in Saturday's Korea Times.

Here's an interview I did with Don Boudreaux in May 2007 on the topic of immigration. A few behind the scenes things about the interview:

1) I kept talking to Nate--he was the technical producer of the show who made many mistakes. Nate became a four-letter word to keep myself from cursing on the air. So when you hear me saying his name, just imagine that I was cursing--because I was.

2) I had a different technical producer show me how to run the board so I could do so in case Nate had a heart attack--or I strangled him during one of the commercial breaks.

3) Eliot and Prof. Boudreaux were both good-natured about the many mistakes.

4) I was both the host and producer of the show. Meaning, I booked my own guests, prepared the audio clips, selected the topics and even made promos during the week--all without the help of speech writers or teleprompters. As host, I had to guide the conversation, talk without overshadowing the guests, watch for callers (it wasn't always obvious with their system), and watch the clock. I failed to watch the clock at the end of segment 3, so I cut off Prof. Boudreaux a little too abruptly at the end.

5) XM 169 (now 128 on Sirius XM) is a black talk station. This interview below was done in the context of other hosts deriding immigration as a conspiracy against blacks and callers attacking us as Republicans and sellouts.

Segment 1 intro
Segment 2 (with Prof. Boudreaux and Eliot Morgan)
Segment 3 (with Prof. Boudreaux and Eliot Morgan)