Hyeon-Seo Lee, speaker at Ted 2013!

Update: Hyeon-seo's speech at TED has been posted. Watch, share, link, comment.

Congratulations to HyeonSeo Lee, a wonderful young lady who was born in North Korea, now lives in South Korea, and will soon be speaking at TED's annual gathering from February 25-March 1. She is the first North Korean refugee to speak at Ted.

I was the co-chair of the campaign to raise awareness about her last summer. Thanks to my co-chair Jane Bojung Park for her inspiration and energy. David Choo and many other fantastic folks were also a part of our team.

Campaign to get her on Ted

HyeonSeo's Facebook page

Here's the speech she gave last year at Ted's tryouts.

Article in Korean announcing this.

Ted2013 speaker lineup.

Hyeon-Seo's profile at Ted.

Casey Lartigue, Jane Bojung Park, Hyeon-Seo Lee and David Choo, summer 2012

She is now on the cover of CNN.