2032 Magazine article by Casey Lartigue

I have an article in the March issue of 2032 Magazine, published by the Liberty Society in Seoul. I am now a Visiting Scholar with the Institute.

1) I get to brag about some of the great stuff I did back when I was the Director for International Programs.
2) The organization was recently ranked among the top think tanks in the world. Coming in #106 might not seem great to some, but #106 out of 6,603? That's damn good! Apparently that puts the organization in the top 1% of think tanks around the world. And it is ranked #4 of Korea's 35 think tanks.
3) Thanks to Hana Lee, Aaron McKenzie, Eric Song, and other great staff members, but most of all, Kim Chung-Ho for making me the Jackie Robinson of the expat community in Korea, by making me the first (and possibly) last non-Korean that the Institute has hired.

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