Asiana to end skirts-only policy

Congratulations to the ladies at Asiana Airlines!
Starting from early next month, Asiana's 3000-odd female flight attendants will be allowed to wear trousers for the first time since the company came into existence 25 years ago, an airline statement said.
The decision came after the national rights watchdog, responding to an appeal lodged by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, ruled the existing dress code was "gender discriminatory".
I haven't heard about Korean Air's response or policy. It is the number one airline in Korea, so it doesn't have to worry, for now.

But it would seem to be a great opportunity for Jeju Air, the number three airline, to immediately announce a "miniskirts-only" policy for 50% of new hires. Of course, people would be outraged, President Park would denounce it, women's groups would start burning their bras, and "experts" and philosophers would discuss the ethics of it.

And Jeju Air would have to buy a lot of new airplanes.

If I were CEO of Jeju Air, I would applaud Asiana's flight attendants not being required to wear skirts.