Politicians solving their own problems: Rep. Shim Jae-Chul

If you are a member of the National Assembly, please stop reading this now, if you want to save your career.

Case: Rep. Shim Jae-Chul, leading Korean politician
Problem: He hates working with so many guys.
Solution: Look at nude photos during legislative session.
What he shoulda said: I thought I was reading the Korea Times when I saw those nude photos.
According to the Korea Times:
Over the weekend, Rep. Shim Jae-chul of the ruling Saenuri Party was shamed after local media released a photo of him looking at pictures of nude women on his smartphone during a session of the National Assembly.

The four-term lawmaker initially made the excuse that he was just checking an e-mail sent to him, but was disgraced further as another media outlet released a photo that he was typing “nude” into his smartphone.
This case is hilarious. I'm not complaining about porn. But considering the other scandals in the news, you would think that a leading politician could hold off on viewing some T&A until after work. Still, I think he should have blamed it on the Korea Times. Below is a sampling of the stuff you can see. I hope that all non-members of the National Assembly have already moved on to a different page.