Andrei Lankov on North Korean capitalism--with a female face

1) Prof. Andrei Lankov will be speaking Tuesday night at the Royal Asiatic Society. The topic will be "The female face of North Korean capitalism: North Korean gender relations in the post-famine era."

2) Here's the video archive of a roundtable discussion I organized in September 2011. Prof. Lankov was the main speaker, veteran journalist Donald Kirk and Walter Klitz of the Naumann Foundation offered commentary. The topic was: "The Death of Juche? A roundtable discussion about the growth of markets in North Korea."

event invitation

3) Here's an article I wrote last year about Prof. Lankov. When people want to know my opinion about North Korea, I ask Prof. Lankov.^^

4) Stay tuned. I arranged for Prof. Lankov to be interviewed for a documentary that will be on PBS this fall, probably in September. They also interviewed me. And I also connected the producers of the documentary to Kim Chung-Ho and Lee Hyeon-seo--she wasn't famous yet so she was still available.^^