Call for Writers (online news Website based in Korea)

BeNative News (http://benativenews.com/) is seeking 3 freelance writers to write about a variety of topics.
Hired writers will be paid for publishing 1 original article per week, each between 300-500 words.

Timeline: Writers who pass the initial screening will go through a 2 week trial. Writers going through the trial period will be expected to submit 1 polished article each week.
Payment: $50 per article.
Topics: Popular news, Politics, Education, Business, technology, Sports, Media, Culture

Target Audience: Second-language learners who would like to read newspaper articles in English (with translations done in various languages by the BeNative News staff)
Focus: On news and events from the U.S./Western world
To be considered, submit

* 2-3 sample clips (published or unpublished)
* Categories you would like to focus on
* One page cover letter, resume

Deadline to apply: Friday, April 26, 2013
Trial period: August 29-May 13, 2013