Grocery and supermarkets shut down by Seoul city government

1) I was planning on doing some shopping yesterday, but, oops! I forgot that it was Sunday in Seoul. Twice a month, the Seoul city government forces large grocery stores and supermarkets to close.

2) Dear Mr. Mayor: If my mom writes you a note, will you allow me to shop on Sunday without needing your permission? If my mom is okay with it, you should be, too.

3) Korea's 386 generation and their children who support that idiotic policy are abusing government power, violating the rights of consumers and businesses to engage in willing exchange, and forcing a stupid policy on the populace. But forget that serious stuff, you 386 folks pulled a fast one on me today, haha! I walked to my local supermarket, expecting it to be open, forgetting that it was Sunday in Seoul and I needed to check ahead.

4) The North Korean government trying to crackdown on markets up north might want to study the techniques of the national and local governments in South Korea to get some tips.

5) I know that South Korean politicians talk about the importance of having more economic growth--they even have meetings and speeches about it. An unsophisticated person might conclude, however, that forcing efficient businesses that want to be open to shut down at least 24 times a year on busy shopping days won't help that goal. 
Ah, but Thomas Sowell says that politicians are trying to solve their own problems, and that solving our problems are secondary to that.

6) I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on Seoul. North Korea tried to force markets to be closed all but three days a month. Seoul and other regional governments only force them to be closed twice a month.

Lotte Mysuper is one of the grocery stores forced by the Seoul city government to close twice a month.

Grocery stores shut down: The Seoul city government's contribution to improving the economy.