That's like a negative bonus?

In doing some reading, I came across a funny term in economics: "Negative subsidy."
It sounds like a joke, but some smart and powerful people take it very seriously.
In actual language, it is a tax or fine.
But smart people use such stupid language to hide what they really mean. It is the kind of term that people would ignore in every day life, but in the make-believe land of politics and planning, such make-believe terms are taken seriously. And because people with power take the term seriously, you also need to take it seriously if they target you.

* * *

Employee: Boss, I'm a bit surprised. According to this document, I am not receiving a bonus this year.
Boss: Let me take a look....Hmm...
Employee: In fact, it says I am being penalized $100. What is that?
Boss: Don't think of it as a penalty. You are receiving a negative bonus this year.