The only thing I like about Tigers is Frosted Flakes

If I ever work at a zoo, you can be sure that

1) I would have a weapon

2) would it have it drawn on any animals that needed to be locked in cages for the protection of the public and employees

3) that I would be known as the trigger-happy employee who was ready to shoot at any moment because he didn't trust his idiot co-workers to properly close the cages.

* * *

I'm thinking about this because a Siberian tiger at a zoo in Seoul briefly escaped from its unlocked cage, and it then did what tigers do--it attacked. The unfortunate person was a 52 year old trainer named Shim who is now in a coma. I suppose after this that, assuming he survives, that he will never try to feed a tiger without confirming that the cage is locked. And he will probably take tips from me.

From the Korea Times:
A Seoul City official said he presumed the injured trainer failed to lock the gate of the cage while preparing for morning feeding.
Of course, there is no way that I would ever work at a zoo. I wouldn't want to ever encounter an actual tiger or elephant, so why would I go to the zoo to look at them? Even when I was young I didn't understand the fascination with zoos.