Freedom Factory seeking bilingual interns (Korean and English)

Freedom Factory Co. Ltd., a new think tank located in Seoul, South Korea, is seeking a bilingual intern for its International Relations division.
The intern will support the International Relations team’s goals to:
1) expand economic and personal freedom in the world, with a focus on North and South Korea
2) connect FF with think tanks and liberty lovers around the world.
Job Description and expectations:
Multimedia and translation: Assist with video and translate (between Korean and English) newsletters, columns, other documents.
Research: Conduct light research (internet searches, phone calls) for published articles and activities.
Event assistant: Provide logistical support at external events.
Office hours: Should visit the office located near the National Assembly subway station twice a week and, when necessary, attend meetings with the Director of International Relations.
Stipend: Negotiable.
To apply, email your resume, including a brief self-introduction in English and Korean, expected stipend, and anything else you want to present to make your case (use your imagination, this is not a checklist project!).
Assuming anyone applies, the position will be filled sooner rather than later, hopefully before Christmas, and, because of the flexibility of the position and FF leadership, it is possible for more than one candidate to be selected.
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