Teach North Korean Refugees--directions to Mulmangcho Human Rights Institute

DIRECTIONS to Mulmangcho Institute=Easy, easy, easy. Almost like they chose the location for the people who get lost within a block from home...

* Bangbae station on line 2, exit 1. Walk to the top of the stairs. 

* Look to your left. There will be a Woori Bank teller machine.

* Standing, looking directly at the teller machine location, walk inside the building to the right of it, under the navy blue sign with the telephone number "587-4145-6..." Walk up to the 3rd floor, room 305.

That's it. After you leave the subway exit, it will take you about 5 seconds to get to the building. I don't have a Naver map for it, but if you are driving, use the Bangbae subway as a landmark. Bangbae station (line 2) exit 1 Woori Bank Bd (우리은행건물) #305호

I know people won't believe me, they have been lied to so many times by people in Korea who said a location was "easy to find." I have learned that "easy to find" in Korea means:

“Sure, just go down the street about 100 meters. Turn left, enter the third unmarked building. Take the elevator to the top floor. After you get on the roof, run to the edge and leap to the next building. Climb down the side of the building. Squeeze through the tiny door marked 'danger,' probably turning your body sideways. Haha, just kidding, doors in Korea are never marked 'danger.'

Go down the alley--quickly, fast fast--that is marked ‘run or die.’ Then, dig a tunnel--I hope you brought a shovel--until you reach a wall with the sign, 'Easy to find Supermarket.' Exit through the manhole. If you run into a barricade, no problem, just don’t stop running, especially if it between 5 to 7 p.m. If you see a sign reading ‘Welcome to North Korea’ then you have gone too far and should dig a hole in the opposite direction. Then, look on your left. And you’ll be there! Easy, you can't miss it! I go there once a week! Tell them I sent you.”