It's a crime the way Korea punishes rapists of children

According to the Korea Herald: "In its safety forecast for this year, the Police Science Institute said the number of sex crimes, which rose 41.3 percent from 20,375 cases in 2010 to 28,786 cases in 2013, will continue to rise."

One reason? Sex criminals aren't punished harshly in South Korea when sentenced for raping youngsters.*

"At the same time, the average sentencing for raping children and adolescents stood at four years and nine months, falling short of the minimum five-year sentence mandated by the law."

"The fact that sex crimes against children 13 years and younger accounted for nearly a quarter of all sex crimes committed against children and adolescents in 2013 should ring alarm bells for society to better protect its vulnerable members. One way to accomplish this is to deal strictly with sex crimes, by letter of the law."

* * *

* This is not endorsing or condoning rapists of adults. It seems that reporters paid to write articles write snapshot stories, focusing on the latest statistic without combining it with other possibly relevant and comparative statistics. S0 send your angry letters to the Korea Herald for this snapshot story.