Bringing back this blog

Making a guest appearance, at his desk....

Casey Lartigue​ Jr.! That's right, he has had so many meetings, but he is now back at his desk. I mean, he was "here" yesterday for about 45 seconds, to pick up something for a meeting. And  he was here on Thursday or so because he happened to be passing by and thought it might be polite to stop in to say hello, dust off the cobwebs off his desk...

Years ago, I came across a quote from H.L. Mencken that was something like: "Editorial writers need to get out of the office at least once a week." I have been living that way for quite a while.

That's why I tell people that I'm on Facebook, but I'm not *into* Facebook. I prefer living Facebook--connecting, talking--then sometimes I take a break to post on Facebook what I have done. Then when someone asks me, "What have you been up to?" I can say, "Let's check Facebook so I can remember."

* * *

Social media downdate

It should be an update, but...

I have deleted two of my other blogs, 3 meetup groups, Twitter.

I did join Instagram, it has grown  by 100% since a colleague helped me set it up in late January. Yes, from 1 to 2 photos posted.

I was going to kill this blog, then decided to leave it as a museum. I have decided to start posting my random thoughts on the passing scene here, but my more professional activities at CaseyLartigue.com

* * *

I can prove it

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that she was hearing the same excuses most of us have heard in job searches. Either she is (a) underqualified or (b) overqualified. I told her that it sounds like BS, in my many years of experience that is just a diplomatic way to say they don't want to hire you.

Whenever potential employers told me that I was overqualified for a position, I would tell them, "Just watch me work for a week, you will stop saying that."

* * *

North Korea studies drama queens

Those talkers and stalkers in the North Korea studies field are now predictably freaking out about two main stories:

1) Whether or not North Korea has executed a defense minister. They are trying to prove that the media is incompetent (as if that needs to be proven) and that this is part of a propaganda war (is it a surprise that people searching for propaganda find it in every story, the way Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton even seem to see R-A-C-I-S-M spelled out in their alphabet soup).

Last fall, those alleged experts were falling all over each other to prove the same things about the reporting about Kim Jong-Un when he was out of sight for a while.

2) A peace march by some loony leftists. Let them have their march. There are, of course, some people opposed to that march. My suggestion to them: Stop bitching about what the others are doing, and hold your own counter march.

* * *

Mini-me KC

Guarding my desk while I was away.

* * *

Father time marches on update

"I know my time is winding down, so I'm enjoying it more."
--Tim Duncan, about  his NBA career, but I would add, that's about life in general.