What's in a name? Thriving versus mediocre business

There are two Korean mom-and-pop restaurants that face each other.

* They serve similar "side dishes" as a meal.
* They have virtually the same names, such as one star being named "7-11" and the other being named "Big 7-11."
* They are in the same area here near the National Assembly.

One side has a line of people  waiting to eat...
the other side has no one waiting...

Ah, but the side that is not attracting customers does have a sign.

Complaining that the other restaurant stole their name...

The Korean customers who wait in line surely must know what is going on. Still, they choose to go to the other restaurant, waiting in line. One day, I went with a friend to that less popular restaurant. The food was not as good. Even the workers were not as friendly.

My co-workers and I had lunch again today at the more popular restaurant.