College girl found dead; suspected kidnapper kills self (Korea Times)

I'm not a heavy drinker so I don't understand

1) getting so drunk
2) that you fall asleep on a street
3) trust a stranger to take care of your girlfriend

According to today's Korea Times, it happened to a couple in Suwon. The woman is now dead, her alleged killer dead in a suicide.

"The victim's boyfriend said the couple had fallen asleep while drunk on a street near Suwon Station in Gyeonggi Province around midnight on Monday. A man, later found to be Yun, woke him up and asked him to go buy some wet tissues so he could tend to the woman, who had vomited on the street.

"When the boyfriend returned from a nearby convenience store, he found that both Yun and his girlfriend had disappeared, which he reported to police."

* * *

As a reminder,

* 159 women are missing in Suwon.
in 2010, there were 1,374 murders in Korea, an average of almost four a day.