2015-10-09 TNKR tutor flies from Jeju to Seoul

Today is a holiday in Korea, but that didn't mean that studying in Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) had a day off.  TNKR co-directors Eunkoo Lee and Casey Lartigue joined a class by the tutor in TNKR who has won the "Came the Longest Distance" award. Afsha  flew from Jeju Island to Seoul to tutor one of the learners in TNKR.

The only way anyone will be able to top her will be if the person flies from a different country!

Her student today has been in our program for several months, all of his tutors talk about what a great student he is! Focused, friendly, eager to learn.

IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197