2015-10-15 TNKR class visit: They really ignored me!

Very often when I visit TNKR tutoring sessions, I will tell the tutor and learn to ignore me. Thursday morning, it actually happened! They ignored me!
The class was from 9:30 am-12:30 pm. This particular duo has been meeting once a week, so this was their 8th session. Refugees and tutors are expected to meet twice a month, but as with this duo, many exceed that. I have heard about a few meeting two or three times a week.
What I liked about Amy's class is that in addition to instant correction, she  led the learner to the answers without immediately telling her. She lets her work her way to the answer or the understanding of a particular text or word. Even though she is studying Korean these days, she did not use any in teaching (although, like a lot of expats and Korean language learners, she often says "Yes" in Korean).
I have a special feeling about particular refugee. Even though her English was not strong, she contacted me on Facebook months ago, asking if she could join TNKR. So it was so great to see her long vocabulary list she is studying, to watch her so eager to learn during class, and to see her celebrating herself whenever she understood something that had been a mystery just moments before!
It was a fun class, it was clear that they get along and enjoy the time they are studying and learning together. So much so that they ignored me pretty much for all 3 hours! I'm not complaining, because it gave me a chance to catch up on messages and to revise my PPT for a speech the following day...

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