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2020-08-26 Kuang-Ok from Eye Contact: From mentorship to partnership

We had a special VIP guest today! Kuang-ok, the young lady who was with me on the TV show "Eye Contact." 

I think we first met almost two years ago, when she joined TNKR as a student. She had been in South Korea for less than a year at that point, so things were still new for her. I still remember when she first joined TNKR, a few years older than her peers in school. She had already made some decisions about her life.

Her English has improved so much, her confidence is sky high, she is focused on her goals, and takes action. She is born determined and goal-oriented, but also flexible and still looking to learn.

She may still need mentoring, but it seems more like it will develop more into a partnership than a mentorship.

Sometimes people ask those of us volunteering or working at TNKR why we do it. The meeting with Kuang-ok today was a wonderful reminder why.

* * *

Here are four clips from the show. I haven't watched the show, but have heard from several people who have that it was incredible. And there are some incredible stories from viewers of the show. 
As a reminder to people who have not been featured on TV, keep in mind that some things are done for TV to entertain rather than educate.

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