Education hotties--I've been disqualified

"Hot for education" contest.

Looking at Alexander Russo's photo, I am a bit surprised that he would have anything to do with any kind of beauty or handsome competition!

As Russo writes: "One of the most popular -- and embarrassing -- posts that's ever run on this site has been Hot For Education, a highly arbitrary and much-commented on listing of some of the folks who might qualify as 'hot...for education.'"

I hope I don't come off as bitter as I am. Even though the competition has just started I've already been excluded! Damn! And right in the middle of black history month!

As Alexander writes: "Casey Lartigue is also excluded, for ballot stuffing."

Oh, right. I was inviting people to vote for me. And I think I also voted for myself a few times. Yes, I'm from Texas...

As I recall, I'm the one who pointed out that there were no racial minorities in the competition. Pedro Noguera then narrowly beat me out for the minority "hot for education" slot.