Demand for bean-counting

Victor Reinoso, nominated by DC mayor Adrian M. Fenty's choice to be Deputy Mayor of Education, had an interesting exchange with former DC Mayor for Life and current D.C. City Council member Marion Barry, as retold by the Washington Post.

Barry criticized Reinoso for having one black man on his staff of 13 -- highlighting a growing concern of some city leaders that the Fenty administration has failed to place African Americans in high-profile positions in a majority-black city.
Reinoso struggled to offer specifics on the race and gender of his staff and said he does not count his employees that way.
"You better start counting. The voters count," Barry said.

1) How long until some people start wondering whether or not Adrian Fenty is "black enough" to be mayor of D.C.? Former D.C. mayor Anthony A. Williams got hit with the charge just a few weeks after he was inaugurated.

2) Reinoso and Mayor for Life Barry share at least one thing in common: they've both gotten robbed in DC. In Barry's case, he hosted a youth summit in his kitchen with two thugs who wanted his money.