A legitimate crackdown on immigration

According to today's Washington Post: Prince William County supervisors voted unanimously last night to approve a resolution that targets illegal immigrants by attempting to curb their access to public services and increasing immigration enforcement by local police."

1) Although I'm not an open borders supporter, I'm often mistaken for one.* That's because I do support making it much easier for people to come to America. The only restrictions I support are for health and safety. You're not welcome if you're bringing in the Bubonic Plague or the government has reason to believe that you want to blow stuff up. Despite that:

2) I don't oppose what Prince William County in Virginia is doing. After all, if government doesn't want to provide services to illegal immigrants, that is fine with me. Bar them from using the public schools, prohibit them from using welfare, don't provide bilingual services. My problem is when government prohibits the rest of us from interacting with others.


* I don't mind when people label me an open borders supporter. But I've talked to real open borders supporters who think it isn't the government's business that you are here and don't even see why anyone needs a passport...