Glad I'm Not A Democrat

The reason I'm glad I'm not a Democrat is simple - by the rules of the game established by their very own Liberal selves, if I don't vote for Obama, I'm a racist.  If I don't vote for Clinton, I'm a sexist.  Given that large numbers of Democrats have voted for one or the other, that can only mean that the Ds are either racist or sexist or both.  

I would say that the only solution that the Ds have to this conundrum is to find and run people like Shirley

Looking over this morning's posts, I would also note in passing that I'm envious of Casey's ability to use the word "Negro" without flinching.  I'm a product of my times, I guess, and even have difficulty suggesting people get ahold of one of the more interesting social studies out there, this book.

J. Underhill