Random Thoughts: The Black Race can't afford them no more...

Back when Eliot Morgan and I were co-hosting a radio show on XM, we had an occasional segment: "The black race can't afford you no more!" It apparently was controversial to some of our listeners who complained about us.

It featured black criminals who should be abandoned by black people.

If the cops are right--and I say if because I was in Boston when Charles Stuart accused a black man of killing his wife--then Curtis Lavelle Vance needs to added to the list.

* * *

I was talking to a casual acquaintance when I saw the news report that police had tied a suspect to the rape and murder of an Arkansas TV news anchor (Anne Pressly)

I looked it up on my Pocket PC, then I told her, "I'm going to show you his photo."

She said the same thing my mother used to say when a suspect had been identified: "I hope he isn't black."

I then said the same thing I used to say as a youngster, "I hope they catch him!" (Or, "I hope they got the right guy and execute him!")

* * *

The female friend went ballistic once I mentioned that the woman had been raped.

He raped her and killed her too? Hadn't he already harmed her enough by raping her? Did he have to take her life, too? Suddenly, she was on my side. "I don't care about his race. This ain't the 1950s. His black ass needs to be executed!"

My thoughts exactly.

* * *

She clearly is not politically correct. I pointed out that there are so many freaky people, the alleged rapist could have gone online and found a woman looking for whatever kind of non-fatal sex he wanted. She then said he could have gone to a prostitute.

I said, "Perhaps. But the story also says that the alleged rapist and killer is a suspect in a different case. According to a news report, in the other case: "[T]he assailant raped the victim, took her cell phone and $3."

Someone stealing $3 is not thinking ahead and probably doesn't have enough loose cash to pay a hooker.

* * *

She then hoped for prison justice. She mentioned a case in DC from years ago in which a black man had been raping a young black child. She said that people from a halfway house were set loose to find him. Apparently, when they caught him, they did not read him his Miranda rights. They whipped his ass like they were racist white cops reliving the 1950s...

But I'm not into prison justice. Criminals punishing criminals? There has to be something wrong with our criminal justice system if criminals fear their treatment in prison more than they do their actual incarceration.

* * *

A few years ago I absolutely ripped into a very close (non-black) friend. She had attended a meeting in which a couple of black male speakers complained white women clutching their purses, locking their doors or walking faster because of black men. (And I call them "male" because they didn't sound like men.)

My friend agreed with the speakers rather than laughing out loud at what they were saying. Rather proud of herself, she then mentioned to me a recent incident: a couple of young black males were passing by her car. She waited until after they had walked by before she locked the doors.

As I recall, I told her, "You really are an idiot." Well, that was the clean version of what I said. I actually put in the form of a question inappropriate for my blog: "What kind of fucking moron are you?"

After a while she made it clear: Black people may feel bad when they hear people locking their doors when they see a black person. People may also lock their doors when they see a white person get too close, but they will lock their doors faster when someone black approaches.

What really sucks about that point is that I used to make it when I was a young male. Now it sounds like babytalk.

I'm just not into this racial mind-reading (which, by the way, is a reason that I have never fully embraced Shelby Steele, even when his analysis is interesting). After we get through all of the analysis, is there really anything wrong with a woman choosing to defend herself against strangers? By defending herself, I'm not saying for her to go shooting through a black neighborhood.

I am saying: Why would any respectable man counsel a woman to put her defenses down so that she won't possibly offend the feelings of a male stranger, regardless of race?

* * *

I haven't looked at the crime statistics deeply enough to find which race of people has criminals most likely to steal purses. It is certainly a universal thing. Back when I was living in Taiwan there was an "epidemic" of men stealing purses. In case you didn't know, a lot of folks in Taipei get around by using mini-motorcycles. The thieves would ride on their bikes and grab the purses of pedestrians. In a country with most of the people being Chinese and Taiwanese, who are the women to clutch their purses at?

* * *

By the way, help me spread a rumor that a black newsanchor was raped and killed by a white man. I suppose that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would suddenly get interested in the case.


Politician commentators

It is often mockingly said that the people who know how to run the country are driving cabs and cutting hair.

I have identified a new problem...the people who are running the country are pontificating like they are cab drivers and barbers.

WTOP Radio hosts "Ask the Governor" every Tuesday. This past Tuesday, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was philosophizing about Michael Vick, the former NFL player now in the slamma for killing dogs.

Kaine: "I don't think somebody convicted of charges like this should be back in the NFL."

What, Vick should be driving a cab or cutting hair?

* * *

Perhaps Gov. Kaine would like to assign Michael Vick to a job. After all, if Vick should be barred from playing in the NFL, then would what Kaine have him do?

Let's fill-in Kaine's statement with some other occupations: "I don't think somebody convicted of charges like this should...

"work as a waiter."
"be a construction worker."
"work as a tax accountant."
"be a Chippendale's dancer."
"work at a job unless approved by the busybody governor of Virginia."

If Kaine doesn't want Vick as part of his inner circle, that is fine. But do we really need to hear what the busybody governor of Virginia has to say about Michael Vick? What the president-elect has to say about the college playoff system?

* * *

Note to myself: Actively campaign against Gov. Kaine next time around. Donate money to Kaine's opponent--as long he isn't a cab driver or barber talking about Michael Vick.

* * *

As I recently noted, president-elect Barack Obama has been quoted on a number of sports topics. Has he spoken out about Michael Vick yet? Will barackobamba.com become a blog?

* * *

A few days ago Obama was pontificating about the pay of CEOs and about whether or not CEOs should be flying around in corporate jets.

I will refrain from cursing about Obama because of this, I'll just point out that it isn't really his damned business how much CEOs are paid, what type of transportation they use, and whether or not they have "enough" money.

* * *

To be clear, I agree with Barack Obama about the college playoff system.

Allegedly the powers that be enjoy it when fans bicker about who is number one. I am not a part of those conversations. I'm a college football fanatic who has no interest in which team finishes number one under the current system.

Based on polls, records, and strength of schedule, the New England Patriots would have been selected as the number one pro football team last year. The New York Giants proved otherwise on the field.

* * *

I disagree with Kaine about Michael Vick. My regret is that Vick wasn't allowed out on weekend furlough to play football.

* * *

I am somewhat torn when it comes to politician bloggers. Being commentators may somewhat distract them from screwing around with the economy and being a busybody about my life. On the other hand, after philosophizing about the issues of the day, they may feel the need to "do something" instead of just talking.

I don't care what politicians think. They have power. They should just say what they plan on doing, without dressing it up in pretty talk.

Whenever I'm watching TV or listening to the radio and I hear a politician start a sentence with, "I think," then I shout, "STOP! Just tell me what you are going to do, smart ass."

And when they start a sentence with, "I don't think...," my response is usually, "Good."



"Ain't nobody home!"

"Help is on the way." That was president-elect Barack Obama's latest focused-group tested phrase of the day.

Is it possible that the government 911 financial help program could skip my house? Input the wrong destination in the GPS settings and make an extra visit to the home of one of my enemies instead?

What happens if I don't answer the door when this "help" arrives?


"The most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"
--Ronald Reagan


NPR, Dec 3 & Jan 7

I'll be a panelist on National Public Radio's News and Notes on December 3, 2008 and January 7, 2009. The show is on 1-2 pm EST in many markets. Check your local listings. E-mail me in advance with any juicy topics.

I should be on from around 1:30 p.m.



Cited in book on conspiracy theories

The Casey Lartigue Show was on XM Radio for just a few delicious months. In addition to changing minds in the audience and getting a major article published in the Washington Post, my co-host Eliot Morgan and I have now been cited in a book.

Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies (For Dummies (History, Biography & Politics)) by Christopher Hodapp and Alice Von Kannon.

We're briefly cited on pages 111-12.

I've spoken at Harvard University, The National Press Club, been a guest on C-SPAN, NPR and the Rush Limbaugh Show, been published in major newspapers. But I really like being cited in a book debunking conspiracy theories...



Even sports has gone ObamaCrazy

* Obama could bring the World Cup back to America...in 2018 or 2022.

* Obama is against the current Bowl Championship system.

* Japanese people who were celebrating the city of Obama, Japan, may want to change the name if Obama is able to thug the Olympics to Chicago. Japanese officials have already expressed concern about Obama trying to get the Olympics for his adopted hometown.

* Baseball officials think Obama can help bring baseball back to the Olympics.

* Even the Professional Bowlers' Association is hoping Obama will highlight bowling.

Are there any flag football teams in need of help from the president-to-be? I play pickup basketball sometimes, perhaps Obama can help us form a league and get a government grant.

It looks like we are going to have another busybody president issuing proclamations on sports and even getting involved. I recall that Bill Clinton brought his waving finger to the world of baseball and tried to mediate a money dispute.

President Bush was gracious enough to stick to calling and congratulating the winners and losers of sporting events, attending games, and throwing out the first pitch.

I barely pay attention to my local Congressman, but when I read that Congress was holding hearings on the use of steroids by baseball, I called my Congressman's office to see if he was involved in anyway. I was honestly going to lead a recall effort to get his ass bounced out of office. I feel a similar disdain about Obama and sports.



Marshall Fritz passed away

I got a note in my e-mail that Marshall Fritz of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State passed away on election day.

I met Fritz several years ago when I was at the Cato Institute. He was there to lecture us for not being libertarian enough. We went at it a little and e-mailed occasionally after that.

After he read one of my studies and some of my articles he wrote me a very kind e-mail telling me what a great writer and thinker I was. His one regret is that I was wrong in accepting that there was a legitimate role for government in education.


Dear Friends of the Alliance:

Marshall Fritz passed away Tuesday, November 4, 2008, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Marshall was a true friend and mentor. That's what he's been to me. Even during the last days of his life, when I was privileged to spend some time with him, he set an example of a life well-lived and considered.

Like a good teacher, he always showed his love for people by not letting us get away with fuzzy thinking. At the same time, like a good friend, he would try to give anyone a chance.

More than anything else, Marshall was a man devoted to truth and goodness. He stood fast on principle, solid as the rock he often seemed when those around him wavered or doubted.

As a friend, Marshall's hope for all of us is that we will also stand firm in uncertain times, boldly living out and defending the principles that we know are good and true and beautiful.

And now, I say to Marshall, as he would often say to those he cared about:

"Goodbye, my friend."

Alan Schaeffer
Alliance for the Separation of School and State


The Coming Conservative Crackdown

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservatives got on board with McCain late in the game. Assuming that Obama wins, I expect that Limbaugh and Co. will be warning about the coming socialist state and making it clear they won't support another McCain Maverick candidate. They held their tongues for Bush41, Dole, Bush43, and now McCain for the good of the party.


Voting problems

From Associated Press: "Perhaps the most bizarre barrier to voting was a truck that hit a utility pole in St. Paul, Minn.'s Merriam Park neighborhood, knocking out power to two polling stations for about 90 minutes. Voting continued at those sites, said Joe Mansky, Ramsey County's elections manager."

Right now, McCain-Palin might be wishing a truck would have knocked out voting stations in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Watching an election

I'm at NPR blogging about the election.

I'd be willing to give up my right to vote in a libertarian society. So I have mixed feelings when it comes to elections.

The best thing about American elections? We almost always have a peaceful exchange of power.
The worst thing about American elections? Everything else.


Blogging for NPR & The Guardian tonight

I'll be one of the bloggers ranting about the election tonight for NPR and the Guardian.

I hope the election will end soon so I can resume ignoring politics and politicians until the new Boss takes over in January.

E-mail me: MrBossMan2008(at)yahoo.com



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