Even sports has gone ObamaCrazy

* Obama could bring the World Cup back to America...in 2018 or 2022.

* Obama is against the current Bowl Championship system.

* Japanese people who were celebrating the city of Obama, Japan, may want to change the name if Obama is able to thug the Olympics to Chicago. Japanese officials have already expressed concern about Obama trying to get the Olympics for his adopted hometown.

* Baseball officials think Obama can help bring baseball back to the Olympics.

* Even the Professional Bowlers' Association is hoping Obama will highlight bowling.

Are there any flag football teams in need of help from the president-to-be? I play pickup basketball sometimes, perhaps Obama can help us form a league and get a government grant.

It looks like we are going to have another busybody president issuing proclamations on sports and even getting involved. I recall that Bill Clinton brought his waving finger to the world of baseball and tried to mediate a money dispute.

President Bush was gracious enough to stick to calling and congratulating the winners and losers of sporting events, attending games, and throwing out the first pitch.

I barely pay attention to my local Congressman, but when I read that Congress was holding hearings on the use of steroids by baseball, I called my Congressman's office to see if he was involved in anyway. I was honestly going to lead a recall effort to get his ass bounced out of office. I feel a similar disdain about Obama and sports.